What is a Simmer Pot and how to make your own

What is a Simmer Pot and how to make your own

A simmer pot, also known as a simmering potpourri or stovetop potpourri, is a mixture of aromatic ingredients that are simmered on the stove to release delightful scents into your home. It's a natural and fragrant way to freshen up the air and create a cozy atmosphere. Simmer pots are especially popular during the holiday season, but you can customize them with various ingredients based on your preferences.

Here's how to make a simmer pot:

- Water
- A combination of aromatic ingredients (fruits, spices, herbs, etc.)

Common Aromatic Ingredients:
- Citrus fruits (orange slices, lemon slices)
- Spices (cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise)
- Fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, bay leaves)
- Vanilla extract or vanilla bean
- Apple slices
- Cranberries
- Ginger slices
- Essential oils (use sparingly)

1. Choose your aromatic ingredients based on what scents you enjoy. Feel free to get creative and mix and match different items. Keep in mind that some ingredients release their scents more quickly than others, so consider the timing of when you want your home to smell the best.

2. Fill a pot with water. You'll generally need enough water to cover the ingredients and allow for evaporation during the simmering process.

3. Add your chosen aromatic ingredients to the pot. There's no exact measurement, but a general guideline is to use a small handful of each ingredient. You can adjust the quantities based on your preference and the size of your pot.

4. Place the pot on the stove and set it to low heat. As the water heats up, the ingredients will release their scents into the air. Make sure to keep an eye on the pot and add more water as needed to prevent it from boiling dry.

5. Allow the pot to simmer for as long as you'd like, usually at least an hour. You can turn off the heat whenever you're finished, and you can refrigerate the mixture to use it again for another day.

6. Remember to exercise caution while using the simmer pot. Don't leave it unattended on the stove, and make sure to turn off the heat when you're not around.

7. Discard the ingredients after use, as they'll have lost most of their scent.

Keep in mind that the scent of a simmer pot can be quite subtle and might not fill every corner of your home like a commercial air freshener. However, it's a natural and pleasant way to add a hint of fragrance to your living space.

Metaphysical simmer pot recipes combine the concept of simmer pots with the idea of using specific ingredients to enhance and promote certain energies, intentions, or atmospheres within your space. These recipes often include herbs, spices, and other elements that are believed to have metaphysical properties. Here are a few examples:

1. Cleansing and Protection Simmer Pot:
- Rosemary (cleansing and protection)
- Sage (cleansing and wisdom)
- Bay leaves (protection and manifestation)
- Black peppercorns (protection)
- Lemon slices (cleansing)
- Water

Intent: This simmer pot recipe is designed to cleanse your space of negative energies and provide protection. It's great for times when you feel your environment needs a spiritual refresh.

2. Love and Harmony Simmer Pot:
- Rose petals (love and beauty)
- Lavender (peace and harmony)
- Vanilla extract (love and comfort)
- Cinnamon sticks (passion and warmth)
- Pink or red apple slices (love)
- Water

Intent: This simmer pot aims to promote love, harmony, and positive relationships within your home. It's ideal for creating a loving atmosphere or for special occasions.

3. Abundance and Prosperity Simmer Pot:
- Cinnamon sticks (prosperity)
- Cloves (luck and protection)
- Orange slices (abundance)
- Bay leaves (manifestation)
- Whole nutmeg (luck)
- Water

Intent: Use this simmer pot to invite abundance and prosperity into your life. It's particularly suitable when you're seeking opportunities for growth and financial stability.

4. Meditation and Spirituality Simmer Pot:
- Frankincense resin (spirituality)
- Myrrh resin (meditation and peace)
- Sandalwood chips or essential oil (spiritual connection)
- Lavender (calmness and intuition)
- Amethyst crystals (enhanced spirituality)
- Water

Intent: Create a serene and spiritually focused atmosphere with this simmer pot. It can be helpful for meditation, reflection, and connecting with higher energies.

5. Energy Cleansing Simmer Pot:
- Eucalyptus leaves or essential oil (cleansing)
- White sage (cleansing and purification)
- Juniper berries (protection and cleansing)
- Lemongrass (clearing negativity)
- Clear quartz crystals (energy amplification)
- Water

Intent: This recipe is meant to cleanse the energy of your space and uplift the atmosphere. It's especially useful after a period of stress or when you want to start anew.

Remember that the effectiveness of metaphysical practices is often subjective and rooted in personal beliefs. If you're interested in using metaphysical simmer pot recipes, approach them with a respectful and open-minded attitude, and adapt the ingredients and intentions to align with your own spiritual practices and beliefs.

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